• Our engineers who are well versed in film coating technology design coating agents. For this reason, we have achieved a high-level coating agent design that is suitable for various coating methods, not only for the characteristics of the coating film according to the purpose, but also to prevent various problems that may occur when the customer applies the coating on their equipment.


  • Our coating agent design is supported by our high evaluation and analysis technology. We believe that we can achieve this precisely because we specialize in film coating agents. We have a large number of evaluation and analysis equipment related to film coating technology, and we can feed back the information obtained from them into our designs to deliver quality that satisfies our customers.


  • Another feature of our coating agent design is a full use of various statistical methods such as design of experiments, parameter design by the Taguchi method, machine learning and deep learning. By using these methods, we can design coating agents not only very efficiently, but also less inconsistent in quality even if there are slight differences in coating conditions for each customer. ( This is called robust design)